• steam-boiler

    Steam Boiler

    A boiler or steam generator is a device used to create steam by applying heat energy to water. The Steam is transferred to the cooker to cook the palm fruits. The steam boiler is an essential component to the Palm Fruit Processing.

  • Palm Kernel Oil Filter Press Machine

    Palm Kernel Oil Filter Press Machine This filters the kernel Oil from the Kernel cake after it has been pressed. It is an very efficient and filters every drop of PKO.

  • Palm Kernel Expeller Machine

    Palm Kernel Presser Machine The palm kernel expeller machine crushes the Palm Kernel making it ready for the filter. After which Palm Kernel Cake is derived. Made in Nigeria equipment.

  • Palm Fruit Cooking Kettle

    Palm Fruit Cooking Kettle The kettle is primarily for cooking the Palm Fruit after which the well-cooked Palm fruits will be transferred to the Digester. This component is also core part of the whole Palm Fruit derivative process.

  • Motor Engine

    Motor Engine This engine is installed to drive all these other machines. It is used as prime mover for other equipments.