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Bayink Farms was officially formed to put the historical history of selling palm kernel into complete cycle production of palm kernel and other numerous end products derived from Palm kernel.

Bayink farm is an arm of Bayink Investment International Limited which is registered in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2001.


Our aim is to establish a continuous and sustaining Palm kernel production and its derivatives. We also adopt an improved modern mechanism to propel the production of palm kernel from start to finish. We mean, from seed planting to final consumer of all Palm kernel derivatives.

This would document the processes of all production activities for the benefit of participating and prospective stakeholders and investors for future approach.

In our clear set strategy, we aim to be the leading producer of Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil in Nigeria and West Africa. We would also be proud to be self-acclaimed producer of all products derived from palm kernel for import substitution and for developing export markets.

We have learned the impact of the opportunities and advantages despite the many unfortunate challenges faced in the agricultural sector such as poor storage and preservation facilities, poor usage of agricultural inputs and technologies, poor credit facilities, poor agricultural marketing, these and many more have suppressed Nigerian agricultural competitiveness in the global arena. Gladly, we have a well sort out mechanism to override these challenges except for natural situations that could affect planting and harvesting such as weather which is unpredictable. However, we have alternate strategies as bail out should there be natural situation.


It will be daunting to believe that you don’t know about Palm kernel. No doubt, one way or the other, we have come across it either through consumption as food or external usage as cosmetics. Palm kernel is a fruit from palm tree.

We all know that palm kernel and its tree are wonderful gift from God where none of its parts are a waste.

Palm Wine, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Margarines, and Fertilizer to mention few are some derivatives from palm tree and palm kernel.

Palm Kernel is indeed a blessing to humanity.

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Bayink Autos is our Import & Export venture of BIIL, where we specialize in the importation and exportation all Autos.

We are your experienced professional partner that you can rely on for all your Machineries, Auto-mobiles, Agro-mechanization tools and equipment. Knowledgeable personnel, friendly service and great pricing means you won’t find anyone easier to ship with. At the right cost, with the right freight, and at the right time!

With over 10 years of our expertise in the import & export business, you are rest assured of prompt delivery of your desired quote.

Give us your quote and we shall deliver to you wherever you are worldwide.

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We are qualified experts always at your service. We trust in our many years of experience in Agriculture, Import & Export and Fashion Trade.

Reliability, Warranty, Consumerism and Client satisfaction are our essential values since 2001.

We are best at consulting, providing knowledge transfer services to our clients all around the world.

We focus on adding value to organisations through customised solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Training is an important ingredient for an organisation’s success. We provide world class training programs to meet up with the need of the 21st century. We strongly believe in high quality, effectiveness and good results and we are passionate about the roles we play.

We provide in-depth training about Agriculture, Import & Export and Fashion Trade boosting the confidence of our clients which translates into profit.


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Our Attitude

  • We build long term relationship with all stakeholders
  • Friendly, helpful and respectful to all, especially customers
  • We embrace changing Agricultural mechanism
  • We focus on delivering practical and enduring results
  • Our inward strength is the happiness and upkeep of our Staff

What we are Known For

  • Conduct business with honour, integrity, and commitment
  • Consistent in all products and services
  • Concerned with the Satisfaction of our Clients
  • Quality! Our Legacy
  • Palm kernel Production Circle Expert

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